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GCE Zen-O Portable Oxygen Concentrator:

The GCE Zen-O oxygen concentrator is one of the world's best dual-use machines. This concentrator can be used in both pulse flow and continuous flow. This unit has pulse flow settings of 1-6 and continuous flow settings of 1-2. 

Easy To Use:

The Zen-O is extremely easy to use and offers a large LCD screen that clearly displays your current mode, output setting, and battery life. 

Safety First: 

The Zen-O has built-in safety features that make your safety a priority. This portable oxygen concentrator has both visual and audio alarms that will notify the patient when their battery is low, a patients breath has not been detected, or if there is service required for the unit. 

Size & Weight: 

Size and weight are two factors that most patients consider when purchasing a portable oxygen concentrator. The Zen-O weighs only 10.25lbs and the dimensions are 8.3"x6.6"x12.3".