Live Active Five Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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Live Active Five Portable Oxygen Concentrator:

Introducing the outstanding new Live Active Five Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the hottest POC on the market, created by our friends over at Precision Medical.

Precision Medical offers a wide range of products including Hospital Respiratory products, Homecare Respiratory products, and of course Portable Oxygen Concentrators.

That is just the tip of the iceberg of a long list of other medical oxygen products/accessories that Precision Medical products to make your experience with their units as easy as possible!

Lifestyle Mobility Aids Portable Oxygen Concentrator Key Features:

  • One-Touch Start
  • Delivers Pulse Flow Settings 1-5
  • Dual Curved Design
  • Auto Breath Safety Feature
  • Large, Easy-to-Read Digital Display
  • Convenient Top-Access Battery
  • Single Lithium-Ion Battery Provides 6 Hours of Runtime
  • Controlled Minute Volume Technology
  • Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology

    Live Active Five Portable Oxygen Concentrator is designed for all day use! Weighing a staggering 5lbs, which is one of the lightest machines on the market plus offering a flow setting of 1-5. It gets better because at a flow setting of 1, your battery will last up to 6.5 hours!

    Lastly this unit provides something called Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology (VPSA). This ensures each sieve bed is perfectly rejuvenated every cycle. This results in clean sieve beds, so they can produce high oxygen purity for a long period of time!

    Live Active Five Starter Kit Package includes:

    • Live Active Five Portable Oxygen Concentrator
    • 1 Lithium-Ion Battery
    • AC Power Adapter with AC Power Cord
    • DC Car Charger
    • Custom Carrying Bag with Adjustable Shoulder Strap and Carry Handle
    • Accessory Bag
    • Nasal Cannula
    • User Manual
    • 3 Year Device Warranty
    • 1 Year Battery Warranty
    • 1 Year Sieve Bed Warranty

      If you have any additional questions about the new Live Active Five Portable Oxygen Concentrator, please feel free to give us a call at (800) 314-8225 or send us an email. widget logo