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Are you looking for the most reliable company that produces the most efficient oxygen concentrators? Inogen is what you have been waiting for today!

This extensive article will introduce Inogen, its history, products, and other essential information. Read ahead to know more about their oxygen concentrators.

About the Company

An important part of Inogen Inc.'s business is developing, manufacturing, and marketing oxygen concentrators. With the most reliable portable oxygen concentrators, it aims to help patients with long-term respiratory conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). 

Prioritizing freedom and independence, Inogen targets to continuously supply concentrators used to deliver unlimited, self-replenishing purified oxygen. These machines are lightweight, compact, and travel-approved to combat challenges in carrying heavy tanks, getting refills, and being restricted to stationary use.

With Inogen Inc., getting a portable oxygen therapy is trouble-free because you can use your concentrator everywhere due to its easy use and compatibility with your varying active lifestyles.

Company History 

Most people have commonly used oxygen tanks until around the 1990s. However, they found them inconvenient because tanks were usually heavy and stationary. So, many companies and oxygen suppliers tried to find a more effective solution for those who use restrictive and traditional oxygen therapy. 

Fortunately, in 2001, three students at the University of California Santa Barbara (Alison Bauerlein, Brenton Taylor, and Byron Myers) founded Inogen Company. They came up with a more lightweight, compact, and easier-to-use oxygen concentrator to improve patients' lives, especially Mae, a grandmother who was the main reason they started the project.

They created the first pulse dose concentrator that prevents the waste of oxygen, which is common in tanks with continuous oxygen flow. Consequently, the three won first place in a Business Plan Competition arranged and sponsored by Technology Management Program. In 2004, they gave Mae the first Inogen One oxygen concentrator. 

Until today, Inogen Inc. has been one of the award-winning and leading oxygen concentrator companies worldwide. 

Inogen Products

Inogen Inc. has already created different Inogen products in the market, including Inogen One, the G-series, Inogen at Home, and Inogen TAV. These concentrators supply patients' oxygen needs at home or in travel. Read their information below to know more. 

Inogen One

The Inogen company first made and released their pulse flow concentrator, the Inogen One. It weighs around 9.8 pounds, heavier than most modern concentrators today. Due to its weight, patients need to transport this machine using a cart instead of hanging it on the shoulder. 

Inogen One has a flow setting of 5. It also had a Satellite Conserver feature, which you can attach to the oxygen tubing to increase its length up to 100 ft. With this feature, you can use your concentrator in another room while it recharges in your bedroom. However, they have removed this feature until today due to safety reasons.

Inogen One G2

Inogen One G2 has a similar design to the Inogen one in the carrying handle and control panel. Improved by Inogen Inc., this oxygen concentrator has a flow setting of 6, 8 hours battery life, and 38 dBA noise level. However, you will still need to carry it using a cart because it weighs 7 pounds.

Inogen One G3

In the fall of 2012, Inogen Inc. introduced Inogen One G3, the best Inogen oxygen concentrator of all time. It has a flow setting of 1 to 5 and 8 hours of battery life. The company has changed its design and portability, allowing you to carry it over the shoulder with its weight of 4.8 pounds.

Worry not about bringing it on a long journey because this portable oxygen concentrator received FAA certification. 

Inogen One G4

Inogen One G4 is also an FAA-approved oxygen concentrator that weighs 2.8 pounds. However, since it is smaller and lighter than most Inogen products, its specifications went down to make them compatible with its size. In this case, it has 1-3 flow settings, 4.5 hours of battery life, and a 40 dBA noise level. 

This oxygen concentrator has an Inogen Connect feature, allowing you to download it on your smartphone or device. You can connect it on your Bluetooth to access machine information and the user manual anywhere. 

Inogen One G5

Another Inogen product arrived on the scene in the summer of 2019. Inogen One G5 maintains Bluetooth connectivity with the highest oxygen output and 1 to 6 flow settings. Moreover, it weighs 4.7 pounds and has a 38 dBA noise level and 6.5 hours of battery life.

Inogen One G5 has an Intelligent Deliver System. It adapts to your breathing pattern, allowing you to sleep comfortably at night without worrying about oxygen output.

Inogen At Home 

Among all the Inogen products, Inogen at Home is the only non-portable oxygen concentrator for home use. It offers a continuous oxygen flow with a flow rate of 5 liters per minute. Furthermore, it weighs 18 pounds with a noise level of 40 dBA.

Inogen TAV

Inogen TAV or Tidal Assist Ventilator is a respiratory assist aid that produces five times the volume per breath than usual oxygen concentrators. It provides comfortable and easy-to-use long term oxygen therapy with three mode settings, including pulse, constant, and tidal assist.

FAQs About Inogen

How long has Inogen oxygen been around?

The Inogen company has been in the industry of Medical Equipment Manufacturing since 2001. They have been doing the business to continuously provide oxygen concentrators for people who need to undergo long term oxygen therapy. 

Who owns Inogen?

Alison Bauerlein, Brenton Taylor, and Byron Myers first founded Inogen Inc. in 2001. However, the company currently has its board of directors and executives, such as Nabil Shabshab as the president, chief executive officer, and director, Bart Sanford as the executive vice president, and Kristin A. Caltrider as the treasurer and chief financial and accounting officer. 

What company makes Inogen?

Inogen Inc. has been developing, creating, and supplying Inogen products worldwide since 2001. This company has already manufactured The Inogen One series, Inogen at Home, and Inogen TAV. They made these oxygen concentrators to deliver supplemental long term oxygen to many patients.

Is Inogen still in business?

Yes. Inogen Inc. is still in business despite the drop-down in August 2021. They are still manufacturing and supplying Inogen products to most places until now. You can still purchase your favorite products on stores like Sprylyfe.

Where are Inogen products made?

Inogen Inc. manufactures Inogen products in different places, mainly in the United States, such as Richardson, Goleta, and California. They also have manufacturing locations in the Czech Republic, Europe, and other countries. These places make most of the oxygen concentrators that deliver supplemental long term oxygen aid to patients.

Does Inogen make Oxygo?

Yes. Inogen Inc. also makes OxyGo products, such as the Inogen OxyGo NEXT. This oxygen concentrator weighs 4.7 pounds with 13 hours of battery life. Like other Inogen products, the OxyGo series are compatible with 24/7 usage. They also have a Bluetooth feature for the My OxyGo app.

What awards does Inogen have?

Amid its service since 2001, Inogen company has already received multiple awards, such as the Gold Medical Design Excellence Award (MDEA), Company of the Year at the 2015 South Coast Business & Technology Awards, and the 2013 World Trade Week Export Achievement Award. Many institutions and companies have recognized their excellence in making the best oxygen concentrators worldwide.

You can check their official website for more information.