Inogen G4 vs. G5 Comparison (2023)

Inogen G4 vs. G5 Comparison (2023)

Have you considered the differences between Inogen G4 vs G5? This informative article explains everything you should know! 

Check out this post to learn all the helpful features of the Inogen One G4 and G5 portable oxygen concentrators.

What Is The Difference Between Inogen G4 and G5?

The main difference between the Inogen One G4 vs G5 is the latter has a higher battery life and better oxygen output. It’s the latest oxygen concentrator model released by Inogen, and you’re ensured of excellent quality results with this device! 

I’m sure you’re curious to know more about these high-quality oxygen concentrators. Well, you’re welcome to continue reading!

Inogen G4 vs. G5: Side-By-Side Comparison

The Inogen One G4 and G5 have several aspects in common. The G5 is the most recent model and has several improvements to its predecessors. 

However, the Inogen One G5 is heavier and costs more than the other models. Consumers must have all the essential equipment details before making a final purchase for oxygen therapy.

Here are all the essential aspects of the G4 and G5 for you to study.

Inogen One G4

Inogen One G5

Oxygen Settings

1 to 3 pulse settings

1 to 6 pulse settings


3 pounds (1.3 kilos)

4.5 pounds (2 kilos)


Length: 5.91 inches

Width:2.68 inches

Height: 7.2 inches

Length: 7.2 inches

Width: 3.2 inches

Height: 8.1 inches


Battery Operated

Battery Operated

Inogen Connect




100 to 240 V / 50 to 60 Hz

100 to 240 V / 50 to 60 Hz

Battery Duration

Single battery: 2 hours

Double battery: 4 hours

Single battery: 4.5 hours

Double battery: 8.5 hours

Battery Charging Time

2 to 4 hours for a single battery with AC or DC power

2.5 hours for a single battery with AC or DC power

Maximum Oxygen Output Capacity

630 ml/min


Noise Level

40 decibels

38 decibels

Altitude Capacity

10,000 feet

10,000 feet

FAA - Approval




3 years

3 years

We have a thorough breakdown of the G4 and G5 properties in this table, but there are other aspects you must know about these oxygen concentrators before you buy them.

Here is a side-by-side review of the Inogen G4 vs G5

Inogen One G4 Review

The Inogen One G4 was one of the most high-tech portable oxygen concentrators when it first came out. It was a significant improvement from the G3 model, especially with its minimalist appearance. The manufacturers installed the sieve bed in a single column for a cleaner appearance.

The G4 was also the first model to use Inogen Connect; this means you can control your portable oxygen concentrator with your tablet or smartphone through the Inogen Connect App. 


  •  It’s lightweight
  • It’s FAA approved
  • It has Inogen Connect


  • It’s noisy
  • It pumps less oxygen

Click here to read our in-depth editorial review of the Inogen One G4.

Inogen One G5 Review

The newest portable oxygen concentrator, the Inogen One G5, is the most advanced on the market and it includes various valuable features.

The Inogen One G5 has a high oxygen output and long-lasting battery life. It’s the most functional device you need at home or work.


  • It has a long battery life
  • It has higher oxygen output
  • It isn’t noisy
  • It’s FAA approved


  • It’s large and heavy

Click here to read our in-depth editorial review of the Inogen One G5.

Inogen G4 vs. G5: Side-By-Side Features Comparison

Inogen One G4 vs G5

Each Inogen One unit makes improvements from its predecessors, whether it’s size, appearance, or functionality. The G4 and G5 have several aspects in common and some unique qualities that make them desirable. 

Here are some aspects about Inogen G5 vs G4 oxygen users should know. 


The Inogen One G4 and G5 have a similar design. They aim for minimalism and a neat appearance by keeping the sieve beds in one column. This design also makes it easier for you to check the sieve bed life and do necessary repairs. 

The most significant difference between the two models is the layout of the buttons. The G5 has bigger buttons and larger text on the display screen; you can adjust the device’s volume.

Size And Weight

The Inogen One G5 is bigger and heavier than the G4. The newer version is 7 inches long and 8 inches tall and weighs 4.5 pounds.

The G4, on the other hand, only measures 6 inches long and 7 inches tall. It also weighs 3 pounds, so it’s better for traveling.


The G4 and G5 are easy to carry, and you can even bring them on planes. The Inogen One G4 is smaller and lighter, so it’s a better option if you’re constantly moving and don’t require too much battery power. 

LCD Screen

Both the G4 and G5 units have a bright, easy-to-read LCD screen. However, the display on the G5 is larger for more precise commands and instructions. 

Both Inogen One units show similar information on their display screen:

  • Power status
  • Battery life
  • Audible signals
  • Backlight to illuminate the screen

Inogen Connect

The Inogen One G4 and G5 are enabled with Inogen connect, which makes it quicker for you to give commands and monitor the status of your portable oxygen concentrator.

The G4 was the first model enabled with this feature, so it may experience some bugs. The G5 is more refined and has a smoother connection.


The Inogen One G4 and G5 have similar controls. They both have commands for:

  • Power button
  • Breath detection light
  • Flow control
  • Alert light
  • Audible alert button

These buttons have similar functions to the G4 and G5. They help signal the severity of the patient’s situation.


The Inogen One G4 and G5 have a beeping audible signal to show critical conditions in the patient. The more frequent the beeps, the more severe the illness.

You can adjust the alarm button with both units, 1 being the lowest. You can’t silence this alarm for safety reasons.

The audible signal even works when there’s no power connection, so you can feel secure with this device.

Sound Level

The G4 and G5 have bearable sound levels that won’t disturb anyone or cause hearing problems. However, the G5 has a lower frequency of 38 decibels, making it more desirable for quiet environments.


These Inogen One models use Lithium-Ion batteries that recharge every time you connect the device to an AC or DC power source. 

The Inogen One G4 and G5 give alerts when your battery is low. It shows a “low priority” alert when there is still some charge left and a “high priority” alert when you don’t have any more battery. 

Battery Life

The G4 and G5 can use single or dual battery power, affecting how long your devices will last. 

The Inogen One G5 has a longer battery life than the G4. It can last for 4.5 hours with a single battery and 8.5 to 13 hours with a double battery. The G4 can only last 2 hours with a single battery and 4 hours with a double battery.

Charging Time

The new Inogen One models can charge with AC or DC power. The G5 can charge much quicker than the G4; you only need to wait 2.5 hours for a full battery.

Oxygen users will have to wait up to 4 hours with the G4. These times are for single battery charging.

Power Sources

The G4 and G5 primarily get their power from batteries, but you can plug them into AC or DC power sources when the battery is low. 

These devices work when plugged in, and the power automatically charges the batteries to save energy.

Power Consumption

The Inogen One G4 and G5 use the same power, even though they have different oxygen capacities. Your devices use 100 to 240 V or 50 to 60 Hz from their power sources.

Flow Type

These portable oxygen concentrators use pulse flow oxygen to rehabilitate patients. The G4 can only reach 3 pulse settings, while the G5 can get 6 pulse settings.

Sieve Beds

The Inogen One G3 used to have its sieve beds around the device. The G4 and G5, however, chose a cleaner appearance; The sieve beds are all arranged in one column.

You can monitor your sieve bed’s status using the Inogen Connect app to see if they need repairs.

Warm-Up Time

You must warm up your portable oxygen concentrator before using it on a patient. The G4 and G5 take 2 minutes to power up, so administer proper first aid during this wait.

Oxygen Concentration

You need high-quality oxygen to ensure the patient recovers quickly. Luckily, the new Inogen One models have 90% - 3% oxygen concentration + 6% at all the settings.


The Inogen One G4 and G5 give off enough oxygen, but the G5 has a higher capacity. It can give a 1260 ml/min maximum level, while the G4 can only give 630 ml/min.


No matter how safely you store your portable oxygen concentrator, it might get contaminated by dust, fur, and other air-borne contaminants. The filters help protect the oxygen in your device and keep it clean. 

You can quickly replace these eco-friendly filters whenever too many particles are stuck.

Available Accessories

The Inogen One portable oxygen concentrators also have accessories that help you use them! Both the G4 and G5 have:

  • A nasal Cannula which you use with the device to get oxygen
  • A carry bag where you can keep the device when you travel

The Inogen One G4 has a carry strap you can stick directly to the device. At the same time, the G5 offers a backpack for quicker travel and an external battery charger when you can’t find any electrical outlets.


The Inogen One G4 and G5 are small enough to carry around, so they have Federal Aviation Administration approval to be carry-on luggage in planes. You can have your oxygen machine with you anywhere you go. 

International Approvals

Inogen One is one of the most trusted brands for portable oxygen concentrators. Their team focuses on innovation and making patients’ lives more comfortable. Here are all the areas where they have steady clients:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • India 
  • Malaysia
  • Iran


The Inogen One G4 and G5 have FAA - Approval, and they can also withstand being in high altitudes. You can rest easy knowing your device will function well even when it’s 10,000 feet in the air.


You must always ensure your equipment comes with a warranty. If it has factory defects, you can replace your Inogen One G4 or G5 within three years.

Manufacturer Country

You can find our main Inogen branch in Goleta, California, in the United States. However, we are starting to branch out to other parts of the world. We have a new office in the Netherlands to better reach our European clients.


We aim to make our portable oxygen concentrators as affordable as possible. You can buy a G4 unit for 2,295.00 USD or 2,175.00 EUR.

The G5 is more pricey since it’s a new model. You can buy it for 2,495.00 USD or 2,750.00 EUR.

Available Discount

If you find these prices too expensive, you can redeem coupons online to get a discount. For our POC accessories, you can find 15% to 30% discount offers online. 

Who Should Buy The Inogen One G4?

The Inogen One G4 was one of the most advanced portable oxygen concentrators when it first came out. It was the first unit to use Inogen Connect to make handling your device more convenient. 

This unit works best for people who are always traveling and don’t need too much oxygen power. The G4 is one of the lightest units developed by Inogen, and it has a pulse dose up to 3 with 630 oxygen ml/min, enough for simple breathing concerns.

You can also purchase the G4 unit if you’re on a budget. It has several features similar to the new models, but you can buy it at a more affordable price. 

The Inogen One G4 is still one of the best portable oxygen concentrator models several years after its first release. You’re insured with FAA approval and a three-year warranty when choosing this unit. You will also get a nasal cannula, carry strap, and carry bag when you purchase it. 

Who Should Buy The Inogen One G5?

The Inogen One G5 is the newest and most innovative portable oxygen concentrator on the market. Inogen worked on all the possible developments from previous models, and the result is a high-quality device that will give you all the flow of oxygen you need.

This model works best for people who want the best possible performance from their POC. The Inogen G5 has a pulse dose up to 6, and it gives 1,260 ml/min of oxygen; this rate is one of the highest for oxygen machines.

The Inogen One G5 has the most extended battery life and quickest charging time. You can use this device for up to 8 hours if you have an emergency. The charging time will only take you 2.5 hours, and you can plug it into an outlet to use it while it’s charging.

This unit is a little heavier than the G4, but it still passes FAA approval, so you can bring it on a plane. It also uses Inogen Connect to help you monitor it. 

The Inogen One G5 is one of the best POC choices you can make. This purchase is perfect if you don’t mind the size, weight, and price.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Everyone has their preference, even when they purchase portable oxygen concentrators. How can you decide which model works best for you? Well, these are the aspects you must think about:

  • Battery life
  • Weight
  • Portability

Patients who always need large oxygen quantities will need a new model like the Inogen One G5. However, if you prefer portability and light weight over oxygen quantity and battery life, you can make do with the G4 or G3.

You must also consider your budget before buying this machine. New, high-tech models will cost you more. 

You can read this informative post to learn more factors to consider when buying a portable oxygen concentrator

Choose The Best Oxygen Concentrator To Keep You Healthy

Portable oxygen concentrators can help with delivering oxygen for respiratory emergencies; you must know which device model works best for you. The Inogen G4 vs. G5 debate will show you the various qualities of these devices.

The G4 is lightweight and portable, while the G5 has a higher oxygen output and longer battery life. Your choice should reflect your needs and preferences for POCs.

You can check us out at SpryLyfe and choose which Inogen model works best for you. We offer various portable oxygen concentrator choices at an affordable price.
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